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Rob Hosken, AIA, BECxP

Rob Hosken, AIA, BECxP


Mr. Hosken grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, in a passive solar home that did not require his family to pay for heating on sunny winter days. Having experienced firsthand the reality that buildings do not need to use much energy to provide comfort to their occupants, Mr. Hosken is committed to replicating that experience for other people, in ways that work best for a wide variety of building projects.

During his schooling, Mr. Hosken learned how to use specialized tools to perform scientific analysis and creative work in the fields of physics, holography, acoustics, and studio art. Mr. Hosken moved to Pittsburgh in 1996, and has been employed in the architectural profession since then. After becoming a licensed architect and project manager, Mr. Hosken learned how to use new sets of tools to help building projects achieve high levels of energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality. Since founding Building Performance Architecture in 2008, Mr. Hosken has led the firm from providing single family home energy audits, to steadily larger and more complex projects, the bulk of which are multifamily energy and green building certification, and also include large building envelope inspection, testing and commissioning services.

Email: rhosken@buildperformarch.com

Phone: (412) 441-1075, ext. 209