Passive Building Verification

Passive House has emerged as one of the world’s most rigorous building energy efficiency certification programs, and is playing a major role in the transition to a zero carbon economy. But Passive House is not only about saving energy – when you are in a certified passive building, you will experience unmatched thermal comfort, plentiful fresh air, noise reduction, resilience during power outages – the list of benefits goes on and on.

BPA provides design consulting and comprehensive QA/QC field inspections and testing for passive buildings of all types and sizes, to confirm that the building meets all the requirements for passive certification. BPA has been providing passive building verification services since 2013, including verification of the first passive-certified apartment building in the U.S., the first passive-certified library in North America, and many other projects. BPA’s staff includes Certified Passive House Consultants, Passive House Raters, and Passive House Large Building Verifiers.

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